My Writerly Self

I am many things – but unfortunately I am not a writer yet. I am a student at Hofstra University, a hopeful entrepreneur, a former high school athlete, among many other things. My life experiences have been rather vanilla compared to those of others, but I have always had the gift of expressing myself and telling a compelling story. This building block of communication and storytelling is what I hope to build my writerly self on. I have attempted to write before – it has been wildly unsuccessful but I did try. I find myself overwhelmed when trying to formulate a piece, as I have so much information in my head that I would like to dump onto the page, but I can never come to an appropriate method by which to do so. I do aspire to improve my writerly self, but an issue I face is not knowing what genre I wish to enter or how to get my ideas out of my head and into my work. One interest that I have neglected to discuss so far is history. I attempted to write a book on WW1 that aims to teach young people about the event and get them interested. This ambitious project has since been shelved as I realized that the work I must do to create this piece is beyond what I am capable of at the moment. My writerly self is young and overambitious, but knowledgeable of shortcomings and hopes to grow over the next few months.

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