Answering the Right Questions

Question: Why is rhetoric so important in what we read, and how does rhetoric change the readers opinion? Rhetoric has a unique importance in writing and reading, as its job is to convince the reader of the writer’s point. In the case of Jia Tolentino’s writing, rhetoric is significant has her points are novel andContinue reading “Answering the Right Questions”

Tolentino Using Women’s Treatment as a Litmus Test for Culture

Since culture is reflected in the treatment of women, women’s rights and treatment are a litmus test for culture. Jia Tolentino’s “Trick Mirror” attempts to discuss culture through the experiences, plights, and societal standing of women. Tolentino chose to use women as the main subject for multiple reasons, including the ease to which she relatesContinue reading “Tolentino Using Women’s Treatment as a Litmus Test for Culture”

Similarities Between Tolentino’s “Always Be Optimizing” and “I Thee Dread”

There are many similarities between Jia Tolentino’s “Always Be Optimizing” and “I Thee Dread,” man of which connect the pieces, showing that they had been written by the same author to a reader who had never read Tolentino. In terms of theme, the essays share that of feminism through the lense of a young modernContinue reading “Similarities Between Tolentino’s “Always Be Optimizing” and “I Thee Dread””

Project 1 – Object Essay – Old Rusty Light

Section 1 – Physical Nature of the Object This light is decrepit, dim, and rusty. The cylindrical golden shell that would house the light is inside of a rusted cage – an apparatus comprised of two perpendicular bars crossing each other over the shell, connecting to a ring at the base. That ring has aContinue reading “Project 1 – Object Essay – Old Rusty Light”

My Small Object – A Rusty Old Light

The light from Hofstra University’s Public Safety vehicle is an unassuming object. At first glance, it’s a rusty old light detached from the vehicle to which it belongs. It’s a dysfunctional illumination device, one that by definition does not even light up. But it is so much more. I found the light while exploring campusContinue reading “My Small Object – A Rusty Old Light”