Dissecting My Photo Set

The photo series of my mother doing work on her computer, with earbuds connected and cell phone close by, reveal the perpetual state of being “plugged in.” My mom is fully ingratiated into her technology, literally being plugged into her computer with earbuds. I chose her as my subject as she was the closest person to me and seemed to be using a few pieces of technology. The photo that depicts the subject using her computer in the right profile view spoke to me, as it showed multiple things. While she is using her computer her back straightens, illustrating her professionalism. The work she was doing on the computer was volunteer work, proving she was invested in the task even though it was not her job. The back straightening is the only physical change to the subject. Although she changes physically, her professionalism and composure capture in the photo are staples of her character. The photo set suggests a community as the people on the Zoom meeting can only interact with each other through the use of the technology showcased. The large subject in this photo set is the connectivity that technology can bring at the cost of being dependent on it. My mom is hooked up to her computer with her phone next to the computer, all so she can connect with others. In my opinion, taking pictures is not writing. Photography is expression but writing is a written or typed composition – this has the same effect that writing does, it’s just not writing. The maker, me, fits into the expression by being the lens. The way I take the pictures allow the viewer to observer the subject in a specific way, one I dictate. I choose what is in the frame and what angles are seen.

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